Image of Return of the Moralis Wife


Image of Return of the Moralis Wife
RETURN OF THE MORALIS WIFE (4) by Jennifer Baird: Baird’s second-chance romance features a likable heroine and a challenging hero that readers will eventually love and understand thanks to the author’s deft storytelling. Orion (Rion) Moralis is a businessman first, last and always, but it’s the deal that went bad and the woman who betrayed him that have always haunted him. But now, due to fate and circumstance, he is given the opportunity for retribution. Selina Taylor gave her heart to a heartless man, but now, at her grandfather’s funeral, he’s shown up with yet another “deal” he wants — and this time she’s the spoils. What begins as a merger disguised as a marriage ends in a misunderstanding masquerading as duplicity. When this couple gets a second chance will they finally see the light?
Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt