Image of Return To Oak Valley


Image of Return To Oak Valley

Seventeen years ago, Shelly Granger fled St. Galen's for New Orleans. But the apparent suicide of her older brother, Josh, calls her home to head the Granger Cattle Empire.

For as long as the Grangers have been in Oak Valley, there've also been Ballingers. The two families have feuded from the start. While Josh took the enmity very seriously, Shelly brushed it off and went so far as to fall in love with Sloan Ballinger, only to have her heart broken by his apparent infidelity.

Shelly is shocked by the current condition of the Granger finances; Josh's apparent gambling addiction has left them land rich but cash poor. Is this why Josh killed himself? Sloan hated Josh for a number of reasons, including his interference in Sloan's love affair with Shelly. Now that she's back, do they have a chance of straightening out what really happened all those years ago?

NYT historical bestseller Shirlee Busbee successfully switches to contemporary romance in this emotionally riveting tale of romance and family secrets. Like her historical fiction, Ms. Busbee's contemporary is filled with elegant descriptions and moving drama. (Dec., 432 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith