Readers might remember Cal Patterson and his wife Jane from one of Ms. Macomber's early Promise, Texas books. Over the past few years theyve had two children and have made a comfortable life.

Then Cal decides to return for one rodeo ride, which Jane doesnt approve of. Its the first chink in a marriage thats grown stale. Next, Janes father takes ill and she travels with the children to California to be with him. While Jane is gone a woman from Cals past begins scheming to win the man shes been fixated on for years.

Being a typical male, Cal doesnt see the threat to his marriage and Jane decides they need to separate. The town of Promise seems eager to do what they can to see that this doesn't happen.

It is always a joy to rediscover our old friends from Promise; however, Ms. Macomber spends a bit too much time retelling many secondary stories that fans of the series already know. (256 pp. $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson