Image of Return of the Rogue (A Sinclare Brothers Series)


Image of Return of the Rogue (A Sinclare Brothers Series)

The wild Highlands, the clans, the political alliances and romance merge in Fletcher's latest. Starting out strong and intriguing, this novel becomes a battle-of-wills romance with all the standard situations, villains and repartee readers expect -- there's nothing new or fresh, but it's an entertaining read.

Long ago Cavan Sinclare turned down the chance to wed Honora Tannach, believing her to be too timid to make him a good wife. But he returns from captivity on the day she's to wed his brother and, through a twist of fate, marries her himself.

Honora would even wed a man who doesn't want her to be free of her ruthless stepfather. But she's not as timid as Cavan thinks, and she soon displays her courage and a passion that matches his own. Together they will stave off marauders and a treacherous scheme to destroy their clan. (Avon, Mar., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin