Image of Return to Tradd Street


Image of Return to Tradd Street

White’s iconic Southern fiction with a woo-woo twist is superb. Her humorously eloquent narrative illuminates her graphic scenes, while her characters, including the house, deserve rave reviews for their performances. The quirky, neurotic and lovable Melanie is a standout, and her capricious romance with Jack entertains and keeps readers guessing until the end. The novel stands well alone, but reading the series in order is best.

Over 40, pregnant and single, ghost whisperer Melanie Middleton has decisions to make, including whether to marry her baby’s father, author Jack Trenholm. Right when her never-appreciated “gift” has gone MIA because of her pregnancy, her haunted Charleston home has once again unearthed human remains: this time, a baby’s — accompanied by an angry, vengeful and potentially violent ghost. To top it all off, a couple appears claiming to be the rightful owners of her inherited home. She can’t help thinking it’s all somehow connected. (NAL, Jan., 336 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt