Image of Return to West Texas


Image of Return to West Texas
When magazine editor Gaby Navarro returns to Texas after the death of her father, she runs into ex-boyfriend Eli Wolverton. Seeing him is painful, because Gaby lost his child in a car accident, and it was his reaction to the loss that drove her from the state. And although Eli is suspected of having something to do with her father's death, Gaby knows he's innocent -- in spite of her anger over the past. Eli tells her he is actually in Texas investigating what he believes is a smuggling ring, and he thinks her father's death is somehow involved. Return to West Texas (3), by Jean Brashear, has a good plot, but Gaby seems to get over her anger and disillusionment toward Eli rather quickly. The book is also scant on description.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay