Image of Returning, The


Image of Returning, The

Stellar writing sets Tatlock apart from her peers. Her characters, especially Billy, pull the reader into the story, and the relationship between John and his children is wonderfully written. Yet Andrea and John's marriage is
not as fleshed out, and it leaves a
big hole in what could have been
a phenomenal tale.

Andrea and John Sheldon have been together through thick and thin for many years, though lately it's been mostly thin. When John returns home from a five-year stint in jail, he must re-introduce himself to his family and prove that his acceptance of Christ in prison has changed him into a better man. Life takes some unexpected turns, and John must work to understand his new role and how he must choose daily to follow the Lord. (BETHANY HOUSE, Feb., 400 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel