It has been two years since Lauren saw her fianci, Adam McPhail, and as she travels to western Canada and the Canadian Mounties headquarters, she wonders what kind of man he has become. She has hardly heard from him and as a member of the Royal Canadian Mounties she knows he faces danger and hardship every day. Still, she cannot wait to be in his arms again.

When Adam left Lauren before their wedding could take place, he had no idea how much he would change. Though he vowed to be her husband, he worries that the difficult life of a wife of a Mountie will be too much for delicate Lauren to bear.

It is Adams fear that keeps him at arms length from Lauren. Not understanding what has happened to the man she loves, Lauren is determined to make their marriage work and lure Adam into her bed.

Through the rugged wilderness, sickness and health, the tragedy of a still-born child and even the return of an ex-suitor, Lauren and Adam build a marriage able to withstand any obstacle.

Kathryn Foxs admiration for the Mounties and their wives shines through on every page. Readers looking for realism tinged with a sweet Americana aura will find it here. Powerful in its emotions and dramatic in its event, REUNION is an inspiring story about the courage of our ancestors. SENSUAL (Jan., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin