Garbriel Donner awakens from a coma in a hospital after an accident that took the lives of both his parents. Filled with anger and grief, hes also begun hearing voices. After returning home, the voices continue to frighten him, but it is a startlingly detailed nightmare of a murder that pushes him over the edge. He awakens outdoors, remembering his graphic dream, and later when he reads about the crime in the paper, Gabriel finally agrees to get help. His uncle suggests a talented psychic named Laura Dane.

Laura understands what Gabriels going through and she agrees to help him. From the first moment they meet, she knows that they are meant to be together, but the continuing nightmares make this difficult. As her visions change from images of Gabriel loving her to those of him killing her, she doesnt know what to believe.

The police are unsure of what to do. Gabriel knows even unreleased details. Is Gabriel someone who can help them, or is he the murderer himself?

Ms. Sala masterfully explores the emotional drain on her characters while painting a frightening series of crimes. (Feb., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson