In the fifth and final book of the Redemption series, the Baxter family finally resolves issues from earlier books. Erin and Sam are close to adopting a single mom's baby, but when the baby's daddy shows up making demands, it almost destroys the childless couple. Ashley gets the shocking results of her most recent HIV test, which will make or break her engagement.

Parents Elizabeth and John Baxter struggle to hold the family together while sharing secrets they hoped could remain forever buried. One secret hides in the private recesses of Elizabeth's and John's hearts. The other secret must be told, and it will change the Baxter family forever.

Elizabeth wants a family reunion—a time when they will all be together, when schedules are lax and hugs exchanged. Faith in the Lord and hope in the love of family is the only thing that can prepare them for the reunion.

With great skill and warmth, Kingsbury and Smalley write a heart-wrenching finale. The characters and issues will brand themselves upon readers' hearts and minds. Be sure to have a hanky handy. (Jun., 378 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Linda Mae Baldwin