Interior decorator Rosie Wright is a workaholic who strives to make her company one of the best. Years earlier, she was in a serious relationship with LeMar Reed. A family emergency took him out of town and their separation became more permanent than either imagined.

Twelve years have passed and LeMar moves back to town. Immediately, his thoughts turn to Rosie. Coincidentally, she is referred to LeMar to remodel and decorate his newly purchased house. Seeing each other again opens old wounds and both are left to work through their new relationship. Rosie uses a guise to keep LeMar removed, fearing the day he finally learns the truth about her and what happened long ago.

This romance delves into the lives of two people who were, at one time, very much in love. They must first forgive one another before they will ever be able to move on. Adding a little chaos to the story is LeMars intrusive friend Eddie who causes trouble at every turn. (Sep., 256 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Pamela Tullos