Brooklyn-based bakery owner Keely McClain always yearned to know her father, who she was told had died when she was a baby. In Europe on a seminar, she pops over to Ireland to see where her folks grew up. There she discovers that not only is he alive and living in Boston, but also she has six older brothers. Keely travels there to meet them and finds their bar, Quinn's Pub.

Meanwhile, all of the pieces have come together for millionaire Rafe Kendrick. He's found evidence that Seamus Quinn (Keely's dad) had killed his father, and he also holds the mortgage to Seamus's pub. When Rafe meets Keely outside of Quinn's, he's instantly smitten, despite a somewhat "unorthodox" first meeting.

Keely forsakes her life in Brooklyn and moves to Boston, where she gets a job waitressing at the pub—though she has not yet revealed her true lineage. As she gets closer to Rafe, she confides in him the truth and suddenly he's torn between revenge for his father and love for Keely.

Kate Hoffmann pens an amazing story! She delivers a modern-day "Romeo and Juliet" story with fiery characters that are very real and three-dimensional. The story is powerful and emotional with some charming scenes. (Nov., 296 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short