Image of Reunited...With Child


Image of Reunited...With Child

REUNITED … WITH CHILD (4) by Katherine Garbera: When Becca Tuntenstall fled Miami for New York, she carried more than her unreturned love for businessman Cam Stern — she also carried the child she was sure he wouldn’t want. An accidental meeting at a party proves to her that their love isn’t dead, and that Cam deserves to know his son. Angry over Becca’s betrayal, Cam forces her to accompany him back to Miami so he can get to know his child. After years of keeping his heart safe, Cam is captured by the infant who resembles him and the woman he’s never stopped wanting. Cam’s evolution into a man who’s willing to risk his heart is a tale of self-realization. This conclusion to the sizzling Miami Nights trilogy is smart, sassy and entertaining.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper