Image of Reunited Hearts (Love Inspired)


Image of Reunited Hearts (Love Inspired)

REUNITED HEARTS (4) by Ruth Logan Herne: Alyssa Langley left Trent Michaels 12 years ago without telling him she was pregnant. When Trent discovers he has a son, Alyssa feels like a traitor. Trent can’t help feeling the same, even as he gets acquainted with his son and falls for Alyssa’s little girl. Alyssa’s secrets have her feeling unworthy of love. It takes a   little girl, a life in danger and a loving God to show Alyssa and Trent the way to a future they can share. A heartwarming story of misguided sacrifice, and the ability of God, forgiveness and love to take a mixed-up, troubled past and produce a hopeful, happy future.

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley