Image of ReVamped


Image of ReVamped

Even though this is the second book in Diver's Vamped series, readers will have no trouble jumping into the story. The plot is engaging and the secondary characters are vibrant. However, heroine Gina falls flat when, despite her strong support system, she tends toward selfish behavior that hurts those around her. Ultimately, this novel will be most enjoyed by readers looking for an angst-free teen vampire tale.

The super secret paranormal Feds have sent recently converted vampire Gina to the small town of Wappingers Falls, New York to investigate unexplained energy surges at a high school. In order to see if supernatural forces are at work, Gina goes undercover as a goth girl, but she has no interest in life without fashion. Fortunately, she is accompanied by her undead boyfriend Bobby and the equally vampy Rick. Hopefully by working together they can discover the town's secrets before it is too late to save the students at the high school. (Flux, Sept., 304 pp., ISBN: 9780738721293, Ages 12 & up)

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Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne