Image of Revenge: The Faces of Evil Series: Book 5


Image of Revenge: The Faces of Evil Series: Book 5

Webb’s Faces of Evil series just keeps getting better and more intense, as she keeps revealing more facets of protagonist Jess Harris’ past. Dark, edgy and yet vulnerable, Jess is a complex character with multiple phobias in her personal life but a single-minded dedication to the job at hand — all while she’s receiving taunting threats from a serial killer who’s taking a too-personal interest in her life.

Ten years ago, the Five, offspring of Birmingham’s most wealthy and powerful families, ruled the school — mostly with cruelty. But when a pre-graduation night party ended in the suicide of one of the school geeks, it nearly splintered the group as they submerged their secrets. Now, someone is picking off the Five one at a time. Though all evidence seems to point to an old classmate with a grudge, Jess and her team are still uncovering clues and trying to keep someone else from dying. Meanwhile, Jess is balancing her relationship with her boss, her ex-husband and the serial killer who has been leaving her malicious hints about his intentions. (FOREVER, Aug., 384 pp., $6.00)

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper