With a complex plot and an unexpected, emotional ending, this is a story with promise. Girolami has put a unique spin on the Templar legacy in her surprising love story with a cast of complex characters and heavy with historic detail. Though the premise and concept are very engaging, the cumbersome writing style slows the pace considerably and makes full immersion in the story difficult.

With threats of war across Europe, those who have dedicated their lives to peace must be willing to make the deepest of sacrifices. Polyxena’s hand in marriage is promised by her father to the Duke of Lorengar-Lorraine in the hopes that their allegiance will provide the strength against their gathering enemies. But when Polyxena arrives at her new home, she finds her betrothed has been slain and that she is the prisoner of his successor. When a trusted knight comes to her aid, they find both true love and hope for a brighter future. Polyxena must learn to trust in her family’s ancient legacy and lead her people, even at the risk of her life — and her heart. (MITCHELL MORRIS, Jan., 348 pp., $17.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown