Welcome to Ithaca, Ga., where Southern belles reign supreme and having a prestigious Georgian family heritage gives one instant social status. Lavonne Zibolsky, a transplant from Cleveland, is tired of her boring life with husband Leonard, a partner in the law firm Boone and Broadwell. Beautiful and vivacious, Eadie Boone is determined to convince her husband, Trevor, another partner in the firm, that he needs to leave his young girlfriend and come back to her. Nita Broadwell is an attractive woman in her 30s but feels more like a maid to her two children and husband Charles, the son of a founding member of the firm.

When these friends discover that their husbands' annual hunting trips involve more than hunting, they decide to exact revenge on their cheating spouses. The revenge is made even sweeter by the fact that their husbands are totally in the dark about it until they are completely at the mercy of their cleverly conniving wives.

Holton's debut is deliciously fun. It sparkles with humor, charm and the tight-knit friendship between the three different women at its center. Like the kudzu vine that overtakes everything in its way, the women take control of their lives in a hilarious romp that will leave readers laughing and cheering for more. (May, 288 pp., $23.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick