Hermano -- aka Malcolm Ross -- returns after an absence of decades to Texas and to chaos. His mother is gone, his father is dying and his half-brother and stepmother threaten all he holds dear. Leigh, a childhood friend who is now a widow, gives him a job on a neighboring ranch, but Malcolm isn't satisfied with bed and board -- unless it includes the girl he's always loved.

Leigh felt betrayed when Malcolm left. Now she feels lust as the tall, dark man with a secret past proceeds to manage her life and her ranch. The feeling he evokes in her makes her wonder if he could love an over-the-hill widow, and the look in his eyes when he takes her to bed gives Leigh a promise of more than one night of lust.

Battles over Leigh's ranch and rustled cattle put them both in the middle of a fight for their lives. Sensual and seductive scenes burn up the pages of this western, but it's the emotions of friends new and old that will scorch the heart of true romantics. (dl $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith