The conclusion of the Imager Portfolio series, Rex Regis delivers all that we have come to expect from this prolific author. Modesitt’s deliberate worldbuilding, logistical approach to military and combat descriptions and painstaking attention to detail are on full display. Modesitt’s books are very cerebral, and those after a fast-paced military action novel might find themselves disappointed; Modesitt cares about his plotting and characters too much to rush them.

Khel is the final holdout nation in Bhayar’s quest to conquer all the kingdoms. Quaeryt has been instrumental in the success of Bhayar’s armies, and his mentorship of fledgling imagers has provided Bhayar with a nearly unstoppable force. Quaeryt and his wife Velora long to finish the conquests, so that they can settle down with their families and realize their dreams of an Imager Collegium, but hints of treason are afoot, and much of their hopes are dangling on the edge. (TOR, Jan., 448 pp., $27.99)
Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs