Dr. Lenore Foxwood, Ph.D., scholar of seventeenth-century literature, has been summoned to Hollywood. Acollege acquaintance has died and left her an exorbitant sum of money, plus a million dollars to set up scholarships for needy children. The hitch is she must live a week in the same house with Billy Dixon-the louse who'd loved her, broken her heart, and then walked away-all for success and fame.

Thanks to conditions of his late college roommate's will, William Dixon, AKA Buster D. to millions of adoring music fans, is getting a second chance with Lenore, the only woman he's ever loved. With his late buddy's death haunting him, Billy has taken stock of his own life and realizes he has nothing to show for years of clawing his way to the top of the music business-at least nothing that really counts.

Despite Lenore's initial resistance, Billy is determined to regain her. But after meeting the strong, savvy, independent woman Lenore has become, Billy isn't sure he can convince her to come back to him, especially after she hears about the shameful lie he's lived all these years.

Felicia Mason has written a compelling story of love, betrayal and restoration that will make the reader sigh, cry, then shout for joy at the triumphant, healing power of true love. (June, 253 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson