Those who enjoyed Mariah's Love should check out Rhiannon. The eponymous heroine of Crawford's latest is the daughter of Mariah and Rathyn. Rhiannon didn't inherit shape-shifting or seer powers; instead, she suffers blinding headaches that baffle even the healers.

Rhiannon forges her own way by training to be a warrior. She begs her overprotective parents to allow her to patrol. When they say no, she adapts the persona of the warrior Mir and competes in contests that she rarely loses. But her parents wish to betroth her to the Kahn prince to bring about peace between the warring factions in each of their tribes.

Crawford successfully blends fantasy and romance in a satisfying union sure to please fans. While Rhiannon is a sequel, it stands alone beautifully but includes characters from the previous book as well. (dl $4.50, dk $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathy Boswell