Juliana Crosby is at a crossroad in her life and doesnt even realize it, but feelings of discontent abound. Hoping to attend an estate sale, Juliana visits the home the day before to view the items. It is here that a wonderful story, filled with heartache and joy, unfolds.

The home once belonged to Miriam Gresham and as friends arrive, they share how they came into Miriams life, starting in 1936. Jacob McAllister begins reminiscing first, talking about how he loved her back then and how Miriam was going to Hollywood to be a star. Miriam wanted more out of life, and nothing was going to stand in her way. Except of course, one handsome police officer.

Miriams life is as beautiful as it is painful and those who tell of her past, do so with love. Juliana is drawn into their accounts, amazed that after so much pain, Miriam still serves God. Is this the key to her own discontent?

Bring out the tissues, folks. This is a story from the authors heart, no doubt, and her best so far. No contrived plotlines or stereotypical characters here. If this is the type of book to expect in the future from Ms. Hatcher, I cant wait for the next one. (July, 270 pp., $19.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston