Through a series of assumptions and misunderstandings, electrician Jimmy Hunter finds himself accompanying Elizabeth Davenport in her Model T in a race from Buffalo, NY, to Seattle.

Elizabeth is indubitably the most reckless driver Jimmy has ever seen. All Jimmy wants to do is get on a train back to Buffalo, but he can't when he learns that she plans to use the prize money to build an orphanage.

Jimmy is attracted to Elizabeth, but she is wary of men. Jimmy decides to leave Elizabeth in the hands of another mechanic, but before long her new man is in fear of his life. After a run in with a plate glass window, a field of crops and an enraged bull, he quits.

In the meantime, Jimmy has changed his mind and catches up to her on the road. And together, with a new pair of goggles meant to improve her eyesight, they continue.

As a woman willing to attempt the unheard of in a man's world, Elizabeth is becoming a heroine to women across the country. If only her budding romance with Jimmy would go as smoothly.

In a beribboned "old Ironsides," armed with the essentials-chewing gum and Oreos-Ms. Brownley takes her readers on a once in a lifetime journey. Much to the reader's delight, Jimmy's unfailing tenderness and understanding help heal Elizabeth's deep scars and add a special touch to RIBBONS IN THE WIND. SWEET (Nov., 344 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Frances L. Trainor