Image of The Rich and the Dead: A Novel (Lila Day Novels)


Image of The Rich and the Dead: A Novel (Lila Day Novels)

Spector launches a spectacular new series with an interesting premise that entertains from the beginning. Put disbelief aside and imagine the possibilities presented in this stunning debut. Lila makes a startling discovery, and the killer is the last person imaginable.

The Star Island murders are the bane of Lila Day’s existence. Unable to solve the murder of a dozen of Star Island’s wealthiest who were found slaughtered execution style on New Year’s Day 2014, she was relieved of her duties on the force. Several years later, reclusive billionaire Teddy Hawkins gives her the chance to redeem herself. Lila is skeptical when Teddy says he is going to send her back in time to discover the killer before the murders. She’s not to change history, but to bring back the information so they can solve the cold case. Lila is amazed to find herself in 2013 Florida three months before the murders with enough wealth to ingratiate herself into Star Island’s select few. (WILLIAM MORROW, Mar., 320 pp., $13.99)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown