Image of A Rich Man's Baby


Image of A Rich Man's Baby

Poole invites readers to the party where players get played. Gold diggers are nothing new, but this is one crazy, in-your-face tale of trysts and ludicrous schemes. The characters are believable, yet you may find yourself laughing, shaking your head and even whispering expletives as their motives and actions are exposed. The fast pace is ideal, since the prospective targets live as fast as professional ballplayers. This book
is animated, riveting and a definite page-turner.

Tanisha, Dionne and Adrienne feel like they're wasting their lives. Dionne is obsessed with a former lover, a future NBA player. Tanisha has children but leaves her older husband to find "true love" while still young. Adrienne gets enamored with the high life after attending a party with football and basketball stars. She convinces naïve Tanisha to join her in getting pregnant and paid by a player. Unknowingly, Tanisha's and Dionne's lives collide -- and the result is catastrophic. (Dafina, Sep., 281 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Robin R. Pendleton