Image of Rich Man's Revenge (Silhouette Desire)


Image of Rich Man's Revenge (Silhouette Desire)
Wrongfully accused of raping one of the wealthy Sinclair daughters, Rico D'Allessio has lost both his wife and his unborn child. He's back for revenge -- at about the same that time a stalker is terrorizing eldest daughter Danielle Sinclair. Always regretting that her teen crush on Rico led to his being driven away, Danielle is leveraged into a temporary marriage with him, not only to save her younger sister's marriage but also for her own protection. But as the stalker closes in, Rico and Danielle learn that sometimes a marriage of convenience isn't convenient at all -- especially when love enters the picture. The talented Tessa Radley twists a conventional theme with a deft touch and great characters in Rich Man's Revenge (4).
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper