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by Sandra Brown

Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, Suspense

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Detective Duncan Hatcher is beyond furious when Judge Cato Laird grants killer Robert Savich a mistrial. Duncan and his partner, DeeDee Bowen, are
still fuming when they are called out
to a fatal shooting at Laird's house. According to Laird and his beautiful
trophy wife, Elise, a man broke into
the house and Elise shot him
in self-defense.

Something about the case doesn't add up, but without evidence, all Duncan can do is keep digging. When Elise approaches him secretly and drops a bombshell, he doesn't believe her wild accusations for a moment. Still, everyone in this drama is playing their cards close to their chests, and witnesses conveniently keep turning up dead. To bring down a killer, Duncan may wind up putting his integrity and his life on the line.

Corruption, greed and power are a nasty combination, and certain characters demonstrate them all in abundance. From page one, the awesome Brown
does an excellent job dishing out chilling suspense and double-crossing motives. The obsessive love story ratchets up the emotions as the hero finds himself in
a fairly untenable situation. (Aug., 385 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed By: Jill M. Smith

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Published: August 2006

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4 Stars

Average Rating: 4 Stars
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Submitted by Robin in PA on July 24, 2014 - 8:58pm.

Detective Sergeant Duncan Hatcher is called to a late night homicide at the home of Judge Cato Laird. An intruder broke into the home and was shot and killed by the Judge's wife, Elise Laird. It looks like a case of self-defense, but Duncan and his partner, DeeDee Brown, know something just isn't right. As he tries to find a connection between the dead man and the Lairds, Duncan cannot deny his growing attraction to Elise. When Elise secretly meets with Duncan to make allegations against her husband, Duncan doesn't know who to believe.

This romantic suspense story certainly kept me glued. The mystery had lots of twists and turns. Some were obvious and others were a surprise. I just kept turning the pages to see what would happen next.

The romance portion of the book really didn't work for me. I could see the lust at first sight, but didn't believe Duncan and Elise really fell in love with each other. I had a hard time with Elise and her many lies. She really drove me crazy when she would make accusations against someone, but couldn't give details because "you wouldn't believe me". Of course they wouldn't if you didn't explain everything. I also had a hard time believing Duncan would be dumb enough to put his job on the line for her.

So, overall I liked the suspense portion of the book which kept me turning the pages, but could have done without the romance. And, I never figured out what the title "Ricochet" had to do with this story. My rating: 4 Stars.