Detective Duncan Hatcher is beyond furious when Judge Cato Laird grants killer Robert Savich a mistrial. Duncan and his partner, DeeDee Bowen, are still fuming when they are called out to a fatal shooting at Laird's house. According to Laird and his beautiful trophy wife, Elise, a man broke into the house and Elise shot him in self-defense.

Something about the case doesn't add up, but without evidence, all Duncan can do is keep digging. When Elise approaches him secretly and drops a bombshell, he doesn't believe her wild accusations for a moment. Still, everyone in this drama is playing their cards close to their chests, and witnesses conveniently keep turning up dead. To bring down a killer, Duncan may wind up putting his integrity and his life on the line.

Corruption, greed and power are a nasty combination, and certain characters demonstrate them all in abundance. From page one, the awesome Brown does an excellent job dishing out chilling suspense and double-crossing motives. The obsessive love story ratchets up the emotions as the hero finds himself in a fairly untenable situation. (Aug., 385 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith