The story moves at an almost accelerated pace and it's nice to see a man taking the risks in love -- and that's what Devlin's story delivers. She hasn't created deep, introspective characters, but she doesn't need to. This story has a simple formula that works -- boy meets girl, etc. Add the older-woman/younger-man scenario, and we're treated to
a pleasant read.

Katelyn Carter has moved to a completely new area, sight unseen. After her failed marriage, she realizes the only person who has the power to change her life is herself. After barely a day in her new house, she wakes up to a rattlesnake. When off-duty sheriff's deputy Daniel Bodine responds to her call, she's more than relieved -- even if she's wearing barely any clothes.

Daniel recognizes that the heat must've caused her to sleep with her back door open. And he offers to do some much-needed repairs for her. What ensues is a strong attraction that goes both ways. But to Daniel this is far more than attraction -- he believes in fate, and thinks he's just found his life's mate. (EllorasCave.com, dl $4.45)
Reviewed by: 
Leigh Rowling