Due to a bad decision by a divorce court judge, veterinarian and horse owner Caleb Wells lost ownership of his prize horse Orion. Calebs ex-wife Pamela is allowing Caleb to slowly buy Orion back, but in the meantime, is making his life miserable.

Caleb and his partner Hank Sawyer dream of Orion winning the Grand Prix, but have been unable to find a rider/ trainer. Then Hank interviews Cassie Miller, a gifted rider. Hank senses that Cassie is the right person for the job and she really wants to work with Orion. Her promising career was sidetracked due to a family tragedy. Now as the mother and guardian of her orphaned niece and nephew, Cassie is building a new life for them all.

Both Cassie and Caleb agree that Orion has potential to become a champion if only Pamela doesnt sabotage their dreams.

It is always a thrill to discover a marvelous new talent in romantic fiction, and Laura Moore has immediately made her presence known. A strong and vibrant first book that is sure to gain Ms. Moore quite a following. (Mar., 436 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith