Nicholas Kenleigh, the lone survivor of his troops' torture by the Huron, was saved from the flames by a Huron princess. Freed from captivity, Nicholas remains in the frontier, unwilling to return to civilization, until he wanders, wounded, onto Elspeth Stewart's land.

Recently widowed and pregnant, Elspeth fears the unconscious stranger and ties him to the bed for her own safety. She has suffered too much abuse from men to ever trust one again. But she must turn to the stranger to help bring her daughter into the world.

Nicholas' gentleness makes Bethie realize she may have found the one man she can trust with her life and her love. She allows Nicholas to escort her home through territory embroiled in war.

Though Clare's accurate portrait of Indian torture and brutal battle scenes demonstrate her talent for careful research and realism, they are not for gentle readers. It's better suited for those who like their history with grit and their romance with emotional power—with an added lesson about how love heals all wounds. SENSUAL (Mar., 380 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin