Image of The Ride of Her Life


Image of The Ride of Her Life

Moore's novel has a plot that could be more than a few readers' fantasy. With a heroine who has always lived the safe, steady life that is expected of so many of us deciding to ditch that life for a cross-country motorcycle adventure and a handsome biker from her past, what more could we want? In this case, a little more depth to the hero, but other than that, this is a good love story. A devastating illness adds a somber note to the story.

"Sensible Sarah," as Sarah Austin has always been known to her family, is working at her job when Dean Bastian, a handsome bad boy with a motorcycle, walks in. Sarah knew Dean when they were growing up and was always attracted to him. Now she convinces him to take her along on his bike when he travels home to Denver after being in town for his father's funeral. What Sarah doesn't tell him is that she was recently diagnosed with MS and that this will be her one great adventure before succumbing to the illness.

Dean isn't exactly straight with Sarah either. He's not the hard-drinking rock-band roadie that Sarah thinks he is; he's a counselor for troubled teens who has been sober for years. As the miles fly by, Dean and Sarah fall in love, but while Dean is optimistic that Sarah will forgive him for his lie, Sarah is sure that hers is a death sentence for any future that they may have together. (Samhain, Oct., 200 pp., $4.50)
Reviewed by: 
Cindy Himler