Once again King pleases with an action-packed Shikar adventure that pairs a fierce warrior and a gentle miss to battle pure evil and find true love and a hot
sexual relationship. Although much is predictable, it's still a fun ride. Characters from other books appear.

Luna has the power of prognostication, but she can never change the destiny of what she sees. Still, she continues her efforts to alter the outcome of fate, until a most unusual encounter. Pulse, a high-ranking member of the Shikar council, is disillusioned with conditions on Earth and feels he must once again remove the scourge of Daemons and do what he can to save the human race.

When he meets Luna, he discovers her secret, and they pool resources to change misfortunes as they happen. But the Daemons are after Luna, who has foreseen her own imminent death. (ellorascave.com, dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown