Upon the death of her family, Sister Audra gives up the trappings of a novice to become Lady Audra Travers, Countess of Bredonmere. With fierce determination, she vows to hold Bredonmere from all who desire to wrest it from her. There is one who disputes her claim, an outlaw known as "Lynx." With his face hidden behind his mask, he creates mischief for Audra and her people.

What Audra really needs is a husband, but she makes an enemy of Lord Gifford de Wode when she rebuffs his proposal. As she fights off GIfford's unwanted advances, it is Lynx who comes to the rescue. Who is this man so often in her thoughts and now in her bed, this man as dark and secretive as the night that engulfs him? With revenge in his heart, will he be Audra's enemy or savior?

RIDE THE NIGHT WIND is an engulfing, suspenseful and skillfully written romance sure to keep the reader turning the pages. SENSUAL (Feb., 414 pp., $4.99)

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