Maggie Sterling just wants to raise her small herd of Appaloosas ponies on her family ranch. Unfortunately, her domineering father and her authoritative fianc have other ideas.

Over-protected since a childhood trauma caused by renegade Indians, Maggie stands her ground. Ironically, her only ally is new ranch hand, Joseph Hart.

Their mutual love of horses creates a strong friendship which turns into an even stronger passion. Joe deeply desires Maggie, but she is forbidden to him because he is Indian-a secret he's long kept from her.

When Maggie threatens to break off her engagement, her father offers Joe money and cattle to leave. Torn between desire for Maggie, and his obsession with regaining old tribal land, Joe agrees.

Maggie is heartbroken at Joe's betrayal, yet his desertion makes her even more determined to declare her long sought-after independence.

Katherine Kincaid has written a sensitive, moving tale of forbidden love and the challenges the lovers must endure to claim a future together. SENSUAL (Nov., 365 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria C. Ferrer