Saber Vincente is in Fort Worth to meet her fianci, Matthew Halloway, when she is kidnapped. Matthew, recuperating from a broken leg, enlists the help of Reese Starrett, tracker extraordinaire. Reese picks up the trail and learns that vicious Graham Felton is part of the abduction.

Saber is not without her own resources, and manages to escape, running right into Reese. Reese knows that Felton will stop at nothing to get Saber and brings her to his ranch to keep her safe.

Reese is embarrassed to have a wealthy landowners daughter on his poor ranch. Saber proves she is not a spoiled little rich girl, cooking and cleaning and riding the range with him and his hired hands.

Reese has a hard time fighting his growing attraction for Saber. What he doesnt count on is Sabers resourcefulness and her strength, when she realizes she loves Reese and does everything in her power to ignite the passion that surrounds them.

Yet, Felton is still out there, bent on destroying Matthew and using Saber as bait.

Ms. OBanyons story is well written, with well-developed characters. The reader can feel Reeses supposed inadequacies and Sabers very real strengths, yet it is clear that these lovers belong together. SENSUAL (Oct., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner