Image of Riding the Night (Wild Riders)


Image of Riding the Night (Wild Riders)

Burton stands out in this genre not only because she can write super-steamy sex scenes but because her plots, characters and subplots are engagingly complex. This latest work is a prime example of Burton at her best: heart-melting characters, erotic interludes that further the plot and an ending that is sure to melt the readers’ hearts.

Ten years ago AJ was a troubled teenager who left his hometown — and Teresa, the love of his life — because he knew he’d never amount to anything. Now he’s back, he’s a federal agent and he and his partner Pax want to resolve the conflict between two local biker gangs. Unfortunately, Teresa is caught in the middle of the conflict; before long, Teresa is caught between AJ and Pax’s bodies — and hearts. (HEAT, Sep., 320 pp., $15.00)
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Rhomylly Forbes