Image of Riding the Storm (ACRO Series, Book 1)


Image of Riding the Storm (ACRO Series, Book 1)

In this action-packed, inventive tale, each character's strengths and weaknesses are more fantastic than the
next. The various plots and characters ebb and flow together seamlessly, but the unfinished state of the secondary plotline is disappointing. However, Croft redefines sizzle and spark with weather-driven passion, an electrifying first time and a solitary male homosexual encounter.

A frantic phone call from his father draws ex-SEAL Remy "T-Remy" Begnaud back home, hurricane in tow. T-Remy is no stranger to phenomenal weather -- he's even been known to cause it. But awaiting him at his father's home is parameteorologist Haley Marie Holmes and a storm of emotion unlike anything he's ever encountered.

When his plan to recruit Haley's organization of special-ability operatives goes haywire, T-Remy tries to make quick business of taming his gift and learns the hard way just how dangerous power can be. (Delta, Sep., 352 pp., $13.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen