Image of Riding Temptation (A Wild Riders Novel)


Image of Riding Temptation (A Wild Riders Novel)

The second novel in the Wild Riders series is a sexy, fast-action thrill ride! Every interaction between the central characters is infused with passion and sexual tension. The story focuses on the protagonists' struggle to become a couple and the conflict that surrounds their undercover mission. With its well-developed characters and enthralling plot, readers will be drawn into the romantic and suspenseful storyline.

Jessie Matthews has always been treated like a kid by the Wild Riders, an elite government group of bikers. But her feelings are anything but familial for member Diaz Delgado. Assigned to track down illegal arms dealers, she finally has her chance to show Diaz that she's all grown up. Diaz has been attracted to Jessie for years, but fear of change keeps him in check. However, once their assignment requires a more intimate relationship, Diaz can't keep his hands to himself. Jessie will have to persuade him that they can overcome any obstacle -- professionally and personally. (Heat, Oct., 320 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart