Image of Riding Through Shadows


Image of Riding Through Shadows

Living in 1967 Illinois, eight-year-old Shirley is almost unaware of the prejudice her people suffer daily. She and her cousin enjoy the same things all kids do, like riding her bike, and shes given a lot of responsibility at school on account of her good reading skills, despite the color of her skin.

Her world crumbles, however, when her father goes off to war. Shirley begins to listen to all the things being said, growing more fearful at the same time, hoping for some sort of escape.

So many times I wanted to put this book down, but couldnt. Initially, it seemed like a vehicle to preach and lash out against American history, which has its place, but not in this genre. However, Sharon Ewell Foster surely knows how to tell a compelling story. (Oct., 355 pp., $11.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston