One of Bostons wealthiest and most respected families becomes embroiled in the struggle to birth a new nation, as several serve valiantly in the Colonial Army while others choose less admirable ways to show their patriotismyoung Sam Bradford and his partner attack and pillage merchant ships. Then Rachel Bradford does the the unthinkable and harbors a Hessian soldier.

Their high-wheeling cousin, David Gordon, has his eye on the woman Sam is smitten with. Sams partner is in love with Sams sister Rachel. Dreamer and artist Matthew Bradford has been betrayed by the woman he loved and struggles with forgiveness. Rachel is being pursued by a preacher and a pirate, neither of whom is the man of her dreams. Shes in love with the enemy, an unwilling-mercenary with a heart for music.

The story drags in places and goes off on too many tangents, but Gilbert Morris fans should be satisfied with the newest of his family sagas.(Aug., 320 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Roberta Blair