The news that her unborn baby isn't the offspring of an anonymous sperm donor, as she'd intended, comes as a shock to nurse Rebecca Holley. Meeting Trent Crosby, the unwitting father, proves equally unsettling—and hazardous to Rebecca's plans for single motherhood. Suddenly, she's a CEO's wife, like it or not, and even a convenient marriage isn't as easy as it sounds. Both she and Trent have serious trust issues and little in common beyond their child—exploring their attraction only complicates things. Though Rebecca has her moments, she's too much of a paragon to really relate to. Trent is flawed enough to be interesting, and his misguided belief that marriage won't really change anything is pure male. It's fun to see him get with the program in Right by Her Side (3) by Christie Ridgway, and there are other humorous aspects to this slight story that make it appealing.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer