Image of The Right Wedding Gown (Kimani Romance)


Image of The Right Wedding Gown (Kimani Romance)

THE RIGHT WEDDING GOWN (4) by Shirley Hailstock: Samara Scott has no desire to marry, so when she attends an auction she's dismayed that the person seated next to her is Justin Beckett, the best friend of her brother-in-law and the man who made a fool of her the year before. She purchases an antique chest, hoping that it will contain old documents or letters for her to study. Instead, she's horrified to find an antique wedding gown and veil. Justin knows that his past and his job with a secret intelligence agency sabotaged his chances with Samara. But he's working to regain her trust and another chance. Justin's persistence in the face of Samara's almost fanatical fear of failing at marriage makes this story a pleasure and well worth the time.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims