Image of Right Where I Belong


Image of Right Where I Belong

McGee is amazingly gifted at taking a story from the Bible (this time, the story of Ruth) and integrating it into a modern-day setting full of amazing spiritual insight. This novel will appeal to both teens and adults who are looking for a well-told tale.

After Natalia’s father files for divorce from her stepmother Maureen, his third wife and the woman who introduced Natalia to the Lord, she is heartbroken. When Natalia feels strongly that God is telling her to follow Maureen to Florida from Spain, with everyone’s approval she goes ahead. Entering a strange culture and growing in her faith while avoiding dating proves to be much more challenging than Natalia thought it would be. (THOMAS NELSON, Dec., 320 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel