In this sequel to Shadows of the Heart, Charlotte de Ribard and Frank Storbridge rekindle a youthful friendship which becomes a grand passion. Charlotte and Frank were the best of friends until he became involved with her fathers awful crimes. Frank is now a widower and a respected member of Parliament.

She turns to Frank in a moment of desperation and he makes an outlandish proposal of marriage. Charlotte accepts, on the condition that it be a marriage in name only. She will be a hostess to his guests, mother to his children and partner in the battle against her fathers latest plans.

Frank plans to regain Charlottes trust and to protect her from her father. She comes to care for his family and regains her trust in him. Yet her father will do his best to destroy Charlottes love for Frank.

RIGHTFULLY HIS is a thought provoking, sophisticated read that explores the depths of trust within relationships. Tracy Grant beautifully evokes the era, and summons up strong emotions in readers. SENSUAL (Sep., 386 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin