Naive Prudence Allbright firmly believes her beloved Lord Jamie's words of love and vows to follow him to the colonies.

Embittered by his beloved wife's senseless death, Dr. Ross Manning is returning to the Virginias when he finds Prudence, and through an odd twist she ends up masquerading as his wife, Martha. 

The sea voyage is long and arduous, yet Prudence develops a grudging respect for the honorable doctor, especially when he defies the ruthless captain's treatment of the sailors.

Ross tries not to defile the memory of his wife, but night after night he longs to hold Prudence in his arms. He hopes to send her on her way when they finally reach Virginia. However, when Prudence discovers that Jamie has already gone back to England she returns to Ross, accepting his mjarriage proposal and his offer to go back to London. 

Though deeply in love with Ross, Prudence cannot forget the child she lost and must reclaim - even if she has to betray Ross. Fate's tricks, evil and jealousy may try to drive Prudence and Ross apart, but they are no match for the power of their love.

Let THE RING captivate you. Sylvia Halliday spins a marvelous tale reminiscent of the classic The Flame and the Flower as stubborn lovers enter into a clash of wills on board a ship. Enjoy! SENSUAL (Mar., 450 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin