When Beatrice Pooles Uncle Reggie dies under strange circumstances she is determined to find out if his murder has something to do with his discovery of the whereabouts of the ancient and much sought after Forbidden Rings of Aphrodite.

Though a vicars daughter, she has made a living for herself penning horrid novels, so little frightens Beatrice, which is why she journeys to the wilds of Devon seeking the advice of the reclusive Mad Monk of Monkcrest, the Earl of Monkcrest, Leo Drake.

Leo is intrigued by the bold and audacious Miss Poole and becomes her reluctant hero when it appears that she will land herself in grave danger by pursuing her investigation.

Even though it is rumored that the earl trifles with unearthly powers, nothing deters the intrepid Beatrice from her mission. An unlikely alliance forms between Leo and Beatrice, sending them to London on the trail of an ancient treasure, a killer and an escapade more exciting than any she has ever written. The story includes a Gothic ending worthy of the finest writers.

With the fine hand, great wit and keen intelligence that have made Amanda Quick synonymous with the best in Regency suspense, WITH THIS RING delivers exactly what readers expect: a wonderful historical that takes them away from the ordinary. One couldnt ask for a livelier heroine, more scintillating adventure and more brooding hero then we find here. Read and enjoy! SENSUAL (Mar., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin