One of the most powerful and innovative voices in Regency fiction offers us another stunning love story for our utter delectation.

Miss Lydia Perkins has little to look forward to when her family comes to London for the Season. At the beck and call of her selfish mother and sister, Lydia finds little purpose to her life until the day she sets foot in St. Barnabas church when she accompanies her simpering sibling on a fashionable visit to His Majesty's wounded.

To her surprise, she finds herself moved to help the poor wretches, especially the gallant Major Reed, whose own injuries have not prevented him from fighting ferociously for the welfare of his men. And between them is born an unwavering alliance, a bond that will withstand physical hardship and public scorn.

A writer of memorable talent, Ms. Kelly creates another wildly unforgettable, totally mesmerizing novel of two people who find a rare communion of spirit. Brava, Ms. Kelly. (Sep., 240 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer