For the reader wanting something sizeable, the first novel is available in Eric Van Lustbaders ambitious multi-volume science fiction epic featuring rapacious space-faring invaders searching for the secret to eternal life, and their latest conquest, a peaceful planet whose civilization is based on magic.

The Pearl is the key to ending the century-old Vornn occupation, but it was lost or hidden by the goddess Miina until the Dar Sala-at, The One, shall find and use it to free the Kundalan people. Giyan, captive Kundalan mistress to the Vornn regent, doesnt believe all Vornn are evil and when she hides the Dar Sala-at, she is branded traitor by her twin sister, a senior priestess torn by jealousy of her sisters magical powers. Meanwhile, the search goes on for The Ring Of Five Dragons needed to unlock the Memory Storehouse and extract the secret to eternal life.

Complex characterization, with a meticulously crafted background detailing history, culture and people will entice readers into this new saga. (Jun., 608 pp., $27.05)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper