Lucinda Hollander is an heiress on the run from the law. When her would- be fiancé abandons her in the middle of a police raid, she is left with an ugly ring on her finger and a murder charge. So Lucinda does the only thing she can think of… she goes into hiding.

Disguised as "Lucy French"—a housekeeper and college student—she enters the palatial household of a wealthy Kentucky family. There, she may be safe from the police, but not from the family's gruff and sexy car guy, Max Hogan—a man with secrets of his own.

THE RING ON HER FINGER is pure fun, Elizabeth Bevarly style! Full of the author's trademark humor, this witty romance is a jaunty romp through the world of the rich and mischievous. While Lucy and Max's romance sometimes felt rushed, the sparks between the secondary couple fly. What begins as a bet for Nathaniel Finn, the "Bad Boy of the Thoroughbred Racing Set," turns into a page-turning seduction when he meets his match in fiery nanny, Rosemary Shaugnessy. (Jan., 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gina Bernal